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March in Cambridge.


Animal rights protestors on the march in Cambridge.

Animals Rirght Cambridge

Animals Right Cambridge


25 Aprile 2015 Cambridge UK



Hundreds of campaigners have marched through Cambridge to protest about experiments on animals.

They say the tests are outdated and unreliable. But the university says many significant medical breakthroughs have been made though animal research. You can watch Claire McGlasson’s report here.

Cambridge University says it always aims to reach the highest animal welfare standards. That its scientists strive to reduce the number of animals used and that they are working to find alternative techniques

But according to its own published figures. The number of animals being used in testing is going up.

The university says medical developments pioneered in Cambridge, such as treatments for conditions like MS and Cancer, would not have been made without animal research. But campaigners say they’d like the university to put more money into research without animals.


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