Vegit: The Very First Vegetarian Eating Corner in Armenia


The VERY first Vegan eating corner and social center in Armenia
Ovsanna Hovsepyan

The VERY FIRST vegan eatery and social center in the whole country!
The MOST IMPORTANT step for developing veganism in Armenia!

You could be a revolutionary seed of veganism, peace, health, and harmony in the middle east.
Please share and contribute, become this BIG change with us!!!

WHAT IS VEGIT?Vegit is going to be the very first vegan eating corner in Yerevan, Armenia, which aims not only to show the diversity of vegan cuisine but also to promote an ethical treatment to animals, sustain a clean environment and, of course, encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Being a vegan for almost eleven years and acting as a devoted member of Armenian vegan community, as well as establishing the biggest organization of animal rights protection in Armenia (, we finally realized that it was the right time for Armenia to have a vegan restaurant.

Even though the tendency of veganism is growing, there has never been a single vegan restaurant in the whole country that could spur the vegan philosophy and promote a healthy lifestyle. So we decided to be the changes we wanted see in our country. This will be a dream come true for us, and it will advocate a new approach to life, spread kindness and love of animals throughout an entire society.

The main goal of our restaurant is to foster the increase of conscience in our society in every way possible. It will also act as a supporter and promoter to carry out different programs by Armenian vegans, bring about any events on vegan matter and charity acts for free.


The basis of our kitchen is not only vegan food but we also emphasize the art of eating ecologically clean food. Our food sources will only be fresh products from local farmers. The cooking will never be done through any unhealthy means, such as microwaving, frying, etc. Following the saying “you are what you eat,” the aim of our cuisine is to make the new developing cells of our costumers cleaner through our healthy and kind food. Our kitchen will be so tasty that even non vegans will love to visit us and have a satisfying and fulfilling meal that will provide them with energy and good mood.


We have already successfully established and developed the most active and the biggest stray animals protection organization in Armenia. We created it from nothing and now it is spreading love towards animals in the conscience of our society day by day. Through the last eleven years, this idea has ripen, and now we are ready to realize it. The biggest aim of our project is to share the idea and culture of a healthy life, and the beauty of human-animal relationship.


Having written a very detailed business plan, we found out that we need $60.000 to begin the project. We have raised $20.000 ourselves and have won $10.000 from the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development Nation Centre in Armenia as the best beginner business project.

Right now we are missing only $30.000.

By donating even the smallest amount, you will support a whole country to support the vegan movement and have the first veggie eating corner.  Your name will be on the thank you list of those, who will always be remembered as the supporters of the biggest and first vegan project in Armenia.

                                 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME


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