Tell Kikkoman to Stop Killing Animals for Soy Sauce Health Claims

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PETA recently discovered that Kikkoman Corporation, the popular soy sauce company, has been conducting and funding cruel and deadly experiments on animals in order to make health claims about its products.

According to articles published by Kikkoman as recently as August 2015, the following experiments were conducted:

  • Feeding tubes were repeatedly forced down rats’ throats to administer fermented soy milk.
  • Mice bred to be obese were fed citrus extract before being killed and having their muscles removed.
  • Rabbits were fed high-cholesterol diets in order to induce heart disease and then later killed.
  • Rats were force-fed soy sauce through surgically attached stomach tubes, after which they were «sacrificed by decapitation … followed by rapid removal of the brains.»

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These types of cruel health claim experiments are not required by law, and there are more relevant non-animal research methods—including tests with human tissues and human volunteers—available that are humane and can actually establish the health benefits of food products for humans. PETA has repeatedly contacted Kikkoman to share information about modern non-animal research tools that can better meet the company’s objectives and save animals, but it has refused to meaningfully address the issue.

Please urge Kikkoman to modernize its research program and join progressive companies like pasta maker Barilla and beverage makers Coca-Cola, Welch’s, and Ocean Spray, all of which have established policies against funding ,conducting, or commissioning experiments on animals.


Please ask Kikkoman to stop sickening and killing mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals in cruel health claim experiments and to switch to superior non-animal methods.

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