WHO IS 269?

On October 2nd 2012 on the World Farm Animals Day, on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, animal rights activists performed a symbolic act of solidarity and empathy towards animals abused and exploited under human domination – they were branded with hot iron in the shape of number 269 of an anonymous calf in a meat factory. As millions before him, this calf was a mere numbered product in the animal farming industry. The male calf was later rescued, which only emphasized he main ideas of 269 for Life movement.

From Israel, the idea of species equality, empathy and compassion spread across the world – to Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, South Africa, but also many other countries. The movements focus on campaigns for animal rights, protests, public events of branding – either with hot iron or tattoos – live exposures of animal factory farms in the context of respective countries as well as synchronized virtual campaigns aimed at changing the general societal perceptions of animals and the impact of humans on them.

«We are all 269» and «Free 269» are the main ideas of the movement for absolute animal liberation. Anyone could be branded a number and be degraded into a mere product, we are all sentient beings, regardless of animal species. 269 considers veganism the only ethical and ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

Pain is pain, blood is blood, Fear is fear. Respect Life 26.9.!


  Currently, there are 25 countries participating.  The purpose of this event/campaign is to promote the ethos of the 269 movement – which is to bring animal liberation to the forefront of human consciousness and commit to do our part in bringing an end to the animal holocaust. We also wish to raise awareness about veganism, and all its benefits.

The event may be any form of demonstration, protest, rally, branding event, direct action, performance art, etc – As long as it conveys the message: Respect Life. You may even have a Vegan Day after the actual protest/event to promote veganism and to further educate about the plight of all non-human animals.

The Respect Life Campaign represents ALL non-human animals enslaved and exploited by humans. This covers all industries where animals are used for profit. We encourage all 269 groups, around the world to reach out to their local animal liberation groups and stand together as one voice on this day. We aim to stand in solidarity with activists from around the globe to speak up for the abused and the exploited.

«The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.» Alice Walker



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