VICTORY: Animals Rescued From World Champion Circus

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Following a complaint filed against World Champion Circus on 21 August by Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)–authorised inspectors from Animal Rahat, an animal-protection organisation focused on veterinary intervention and supported by PETA India, circus management agreed to relinquish the 10 animals in its care to the AWBI immediately for rehabilitation and to become an animal-free, human-only circus. World Champion Circus also signed an affidavit promising never to use animals again with the intervention of AWBI and the police.

FIAPO and PFA also helped establish the circus’s offenses and facilitate the rescue effort. The eight dogs, one goat and one horse from World Champion Circus have been moved to a sanctuary run by Animal Rahat in Sangli, Maharashtra, where they will be cared for before being adopted out to loving homes.

The inspection by Animal Rahat revealed that the animals were being forced to perform without the required permission from the AWBI, in apparent violation of the Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2001. This prompted the AWBI to write to the Solapur District Collector requesting action.

The inspection also documented that the goat held by the circus was forced to walk on a thin rope that was tied 8 feet off the ground and that the dogs were forced to walk either on their forelegs or on their hind legs alone, lie down on their back and move in circles, and push a wooden roller while standing on their hind legs. One dog has a serious wound between the toes, and another has a lame hind leg. The animals were also not being provided with adequate food and water.

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Urge the and by  Indian government to ban animals from being exhibited or forced to perform in circuses: Read and take action here

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